More than just sport coaching

By Will Murray

You never go a full week without people asking you: “what do you do out here?” and I’m one of those people, in a very fortunate position who can honestly answer that question with: “I do what I love, I work in sports”.

It all began for me back in Ireland when I was a keen sportsman. I played a lot of sports growing up; Gaelic football, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis and the list goes on. My main passion was Gaelic football and basketball where I played for my country in both sports. I was always very interested in the skill side of the game (doing laps of a pitch was never my thing). I was often called in at night from my mum/dad because I was making too much noise with my basketball outside trying to perfect the latest Michael Jordan move! And no it wasn’t all the self-commentary.

After finished high school (secondary school in Ireland) I went on to study Sports Science at Dublin City University, a course I was fascinated by. I was blown away by the effects exercise had on your mental and physical ability. I learned so much here and the fire inside me was ignited and in full flame when I graduated in 2006.

After college I was given the opportunity to move to Hong Kong to play Gaelic football and offered a sports coaching job, one of the best decisions I ever made, it was here that I honed in on my true calling, sports coaching (and where I’d meet my wife).

I was overwhelmed by all the fantastic sports facilities and sports options that were available to children. It really made me quite envious of the children who grew up in such a fantastic environment. After a few years of working for a different sports companies, I was very surprised by the low-quality sports coaching being offered at some of these incredible facilities and the idea for Sport4kids was born!

Sport4kids was set up in 2010 by myself and fellow sports enthusiast, David Azar. Our vision was to offer high-quality sports coaching to children to ensure they had a positive sports experience and left our classes not only a better player but also a better person. At sport4kids we really try to teach your child the fundamental sports skills, but also put a big smile on their faces. It’s a philosophy that has made us one of the industry leaders and why both parents and children really trust our services.

After Sport4kids success in Hong Kong, we decided that the next stop was Singapore. It was a similar market to Hong Kong and the logical move for us. So after 7 years in Hong Kong, it was onto my next challenge.
Singapore’s sports facilities are equally as good if not better than Hong Kong and every time I set foot on one of these fantastic school campuses or sports centers, it brings me back to my initial days in Hong Kong, overjoyed that I get to work in such a cool environment.

Sport4kids Singapore has brought with it new challenges and opportunities. We grew out of the office in my apartment to our current HQ in Tai Sing. We have made many mistakes along the journey, but every hurdle is a learning curve and we continue to listen to our clients to try and improve every day. Our coaches are our company and we ensure that all coaches are trained up to the highest level, because we know that the children’s development and happiness is the core reason for our existence.

Currently, in Singapore and Hong Kong, we have over 2000 kids that go through our programs each week. We offer a wide variety of sports; Multi-sports, soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, dance and starting in January; Karate. We offer the full service for an active child and even cover holiday camps and sports-themed birthday parties. Our team has grown from strength to strength over the years and every day brings a new challenge, but I rarely complain, because at the end of the day I’m doing the job I love!!