More than just sport coaching

Our coaches

Our sports coaches are carefully selected and all have, at minimum, a degree or equivalent in a sports related field. Every coach must complete the Sport4kids coaching course, ensuring a consistency throughout all the classes we provide.

Coach Ali

Coach Ali has been coaching gymnastics for children and adults for nearly 6 years. He was a gymnast himself during his study in the Faculty of Physical Education and took part in many sporting events. After his studies, he further developed his passion for coaching teaching gymnasts of various levels and attending competitions in his role as a coach. He then further developed his knowledge as a coach by traveling to South Africa to continue his gymnastics coaching career.

-Bachelor of physical education
 Attended more than fifteen provincials and nationals competitions in both countries Egypt and South Africa.
Worked for schools and nursery schools as a gymnastics coach and provide PE lessons as well
Gymnastics club Judge
Have a strong background about level 1-5 men artistic gymnastics
Have a good background of cheerleading

Examples of Excellence
Ali was a member of the cheerleading team Gymfinity Elite Cheerleading Club
Ali was a member of Sports Shows for the university team