More than just sport coaching

Our coaches

Our sports coaches are carefully selected and all have, at minimum, a degree or equivalent in a sports related field. Every coach must complete the Sport4kids coaching course, ensuring a consistency throughout all the classes we provide.

Coach Veronika

Coach Veronika has been training and coaching in WuShu / Kung Fu since 1999. She is a member of Hong Kong Martial Arts Coaching Association and is a member of the Czech National Team and was World Kung Fu Champion in 2014. Currently, she is ranked number one in Hong Kong.
Veronika has a PHD in sports psychology (Physical Education: Sports Psychology) specialization in traditional Chinese martial arts.
She coaches self-defense, movement, health, and martial arts competition athletes' preparation to all ages.

-  PHD  Sports Psychology, Hong Kong Baptist University
- Master of Education Honours, Masaryk University
- Bachelor of Education, Masaryk University 

Examples of Excellence 
Veronika teaches traditional WuShu/Kung Fu and she has been coaching since 2010.
Coach Veronika is a member of the Czech National Team, a World Champion and a second place at the European Championships.
Coach Veronika is a level 1st ranking at Czech National and Hong Kong.