Best Hockey Stick Tape

Hockey players around the world have formed a solid bond with hockey tapes. It has become a common tradition to use tapes on hockey sticks. It is almost a ritual that assures better play and contribution to an absolute win. 

The technology used to produce hockey tapes has undergone evolution since the first hockey game. Manufacturers are continually investing in materials that improve performance. These tech upgrades are frequent for hockey gear, tapes, skates, and sticks. 

Types of hockey tapes

There are several types of tapes used in a hockey game, such as the grip tape and hockey tape. Hockey tape is the most common of all. It is readily available both offline and with online vendors. Similarly, there are plenty of qualities that variate the tapes. Different brands vary in the following modalities:

  • Thickness
  • Adhesiveness
  • Colors 

The best hockey stick tape

This tape has a reputation of having maximum stickiness. The cohesion of the glue makes it suitable for long-term coherence. It has an outlook that likens that of surgical tape. The tape has a poly-carbon fabric that readily absorbs moisture and repels particles of snow from building up on the stick. 

The comprehensive benefit of using a Comp-O-Stik hockey tape is holistic. You will feel the firm grip of the tape and not have to replace it for a considerably long enough duration. Additionally, you have an array of decorative choices when picking a pack from the North American Tapes listing. 

Which color is the best for a hockey stick tape?

Choosing the color of the tape is a very crucial decision. It will affect the game itself by either complementing the vision of the players and goalkeepers or doing the opposite. Here is how you can select the best hockey stick tape in regards to color.


The color of the tape will always have a dependence on the team you are playing.


Some people say that the black tapes conceal the puck much better from the goalkeeper. Others find it easy to follow the puck at the edge of the blade when it contrasts the color. Experimentation will reveal how the color factors into the game.


Finally, the color of the tape will depend on the player’s liking. This case is evident in the vast array of decorations of tapes. The best hockey stick tape will have plenty of colors for one to pick.


A tape that contrasts the color of the blade will be easier to study. You can tell when you have to re-tape a white one when it lies along a black blade, and vice versa. 

How to tape the stick

It does not matter which end you start. Proceed from there by winding it to the opposite side. Make sure you have a consistent spacing with each wrap, for better shots and passes. Repeat the wrap in the opposite direction by bypassing the previous wraps. It is up to you whether to wrap the tape on the shaft. Secure it by running your hand on it in the direction of the end.