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 Our S4K Multi-activity sports are where sport, arts & craft and outdoor adventures combine in an action packed week filled with fun and games.

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Our S4K campers will get to try out a variety of sports and activities, all in one location! Our multi-sport program is tailored to develop a variety of fundamental sports and social skills whilst our outdoor adventures add a variety of life skills and experiences.

Our S4K coaches create a fun, safe and bespoke program including: Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Athletics, Baseball, yoga, dodge ball and rock climbing. Alongside our tailored sports, we organise classic camp activities like Arts & Crafts, treasure hunts, beach trips and movie time.

S4K Camp children benefits:

  • Learn and develop a variety of sport skills
  • Learn and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through sport and healthy food
  • Learn to express themselves creatively and socially
  • Develop their social skills and build confidence
  • Become more independent and be part of team sports.

What activities will the children get to take part in?


Fun Activities

  • Capture the flag
  • Rock climbing
  • Fun water games

Sports Activities

  • Soccer                      Athletics
  • Tennis                      Baseball
  • Basketball                Dodgeball
  • Gymnastics                Frisbee

Creative Activities

  • Lego building
  • Arts & Craft
  • Team building




Park View Mini-sport Camp

This Easter Multi-Sport camp is where children will have the opportunity to play Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Hockey and more.  It’s a great chance for kids to get the basics in a wide range of sports, many of which are in the kids school curriculum, whilst having loads of fun. Lunch included and served at the Tennis Viewing Lounge.


Tennis Court & Orchid Pool
(Sessions will be held indoors in case of rain)



Week 1:  3rd - 6th April

Week 2: 9th - 13th

Daily timing: 9am - 10am


Age range: 18 Months – 3 Years Old


3 Days - $630 (Members) / $750 (Guests)

4 Days - $800 (Members) / $960 (Guests)

5 Days – $1,000 (Members) / $1,200 (Guests)



Park View Multi-sport Camp


Week 1:  3rd - 6th April

Week 2: 9th - 13th


Daily timing: 10am - 3.30pm


Age range: 4 Years Old – 10 Years Old



3 days – $2400 (Members) / 3000 (Guests)

4 days – $3200 (Members) / $4000 (Guests)

5 days – $4000 (Members) / $5000 (Guests)

Sign up:

Contact Parkview directly:

(+852) 2812-3945


Atom Academy Easter Camp

(2.5 to 8 years old)


The ATOM Academy Easter camp 2018 is where children from 2 – 8 Years old will have the opportunity to experiences sports while learning Mini Mandarins and more. It’s a great opportunity for kids to get the basics in a wide range of acitivies such as Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Dance and yoga.


Atom Academy

Sign up:

Contact Atom Academy directly:

(+852) 2295-6066

The Easter Multi-Activity Camp at

Hong Kong Academy
(4 Years Old to 12 Years Old)




The Easter Multi-Activity Camp 2018

Tuesday, 09:00 am - 02:00 pm
This Easter Multi-Activity Camp is where children will have the opportunity to play many different sport, soccer, basketball, rugby, gymnastics, and Swimming. Chidlren will also be involved arts and craft activities too.
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$3,200.00 Sign-up

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