Dance 4 Kids

A kids club, children’s club, or mini club is a childcare facility (daycare) in Hong Kong typically includes a fully staffed mini playground or entire village specially designed for children; it is typically offered by private companies, health and fitness clubs, major sports events, trade fairs, and so on; and it educates and engages children for short periods of time or for the entire day depending on how long the children are entertained in a colorful, energetic, and sophisticated setting.

Kids clubs include a variety of activities such as painting, music, and dance, as well as marine and animal adventures, cooking and environmental experiences, language and sports classes, and so on. Babies and toddlers under the age of two frequently require an adult to accompany them to the kids club. This can be given by the kids club in the form of an additional babysitter for a cost, or the parents/guardians must supervise them while they play.

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Another description of a kids club is a type of fan club founded not on a celebrity, but on a commercial organization that caters to children or families, or on the business’s mascot. Kids clubs are used as a promotional tool for such businesses, exchanging discount coupons, exclusive products, a newsletter, and other offers for family goodwill and a measure of marketing and demographic information.

Membership in such clubs is usually limited to children under the age of twelve, and members are usually given a variety of standard fan club items, such as a welcome letter, a membership card (which may double as a discount or premium card at outlets), a club pin or badge, an “autographed photo” of the mascot or spokesperson, a pad of letterheaded notepaper, and other possible souvenirs. Some clubs encourage members to create chapters and ask others to join and may provide a “club kit” containing chapter materials and recommendations for a charge or for free in return for member information.

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