Dull Spikes

Dull Spikes

One major advantage of wearing spikes is that they provide better grip, giving you extra traction even in harsh conditions. This enables you to propel yourself faster. There are different types of spikes. For instance, cross-country spikes are a bit heavier and longer so that they last longer in difficult terrain. Smaller spikes are most suitable for short distances on standard tracks. In addition to traction, spike shoes are also lighter than other running shoes. This means you can lift your feet quicker without too much fatigue. Basically, if you want more traction, get more spikes, but if you’re covering longer distances, you’ll benefit the most with fewer spikes.

Ultimately, our spikes at Needle Eye Spikes enable you to run faster on even or uneven terrain. They offer the additional grip your forefoot requires to transfer extra force forward.

FAQs About Dull Spikes

Below are answers to questions about track spikes.

When Should I Change My Track Spikes?

The event the spike is specifically designed for and the frequency of running will determine how fast your track spikes deteriorate. Ideally, you should replace them after every two seasons. Even though this can seem costly, it’s a lot less expensive than getting injured while racing in a pair of worn-out spikes.

Do Sharper Spikes Make You Run Faster?

Spikes mostly look like tiny pyramids. This means they should be pointy to offer grip on the track. However, the spikes shouldn’t be as sharp as blades. If you’re racing on soggier or softer surfaces, choose longer spikes and for harder surfaces, go for shorter spikes. Besides the pyramid-shaped spikes, other shapes include:

  • Needle – These are thinner than pyramids and have more grip. They’re mainly used on all-weather tracks and are made for lighter than heavier runners.
  • Tartan – This is a mix of the needle and pyramid design but with dull spikes. The spikes are meant for rubber surfaces to prevent sticking.
  • Christmas tree –Still a combination of the pyramid and needle design, these spikes compress the surface of the track for bounce back. The Christmas tree spikes are preferred for middle-distance, sprint, and pole vault events.
  • Grass – The spikes are extra sharp like those on hockey boots.

What are Spikes Supposed to Feel Like?

There are spikes specially designed for every group of events. For example, mid-distance and distance track spikes have a thin heel ideal for use in longer races. On the other hand, sprinting spikes come with a stiff plate underneath.

Do Track Spikes Get Dull?

Yes. As such, it’s essential to always monitor the condition of your spikes as they always become dull with time. However, the rate at which spikes used by long-distance runners dull is much quicker. Once you notice your spikes have become dull, remove them before they’re too blunt. Otherwise, they may get stuck completely.

Revolutionary Track Spikes

Whatever track event you’re participating in, the right spikes make all the difference in your performance. A lot of the top-rated spikes include leading-edge technology such as removable spikes with rigid plates so you can concentrate on your speed. If you want more traction, choose our innovative spikes at Needle Eye Spikes. Buy Needle Eye Spikes: https://www.needleeyespikes.com/product/needle-eye-spikes/.