Great knives have many uses. Rangeview Sports helps hunters and sport shooters find the ideal knife for their activities.

Do I need a knife?

Knives are a requirement for almost any outdoorsman. Hunters and fishers use them to cut meat. Sport shooters use them to open packages and tear down old targets. Hikers and campers use them in a variety of ways.

Knifemakers provide products meant for many different situations. There are fixed knives, survival knives, and daggers.

What are the best knives?

Many companies make knives but not every company creates a quality product. Rangeview Sports cuts through the clutter to offer tactical knives and those for your hobbies from brands such as:

  • Benchmade
  • Lansky
  • Browning
  • Morakniv
  • Spyderco
  • Zero Tolerance

We seek out products that help our customers and keep us in business. Do not settle for a simple swiss army knife from your camping days.

Survival knives

Survival knives are like swiss army knives. Many products are a gimmick but the Morakniv Bushcraft knife is specifically made to be utilitarian.

A 3.2mm stainless steel blade, sharpener, and fire starter are all you need to stay alive in the outdoors outside of your standard kit. Cook fish and meat from the glow of a campfire. The robust sheath and high friction grip support the tough outdoor lifestyle.

What is a dagger?

A dagger from Benchmade is small and compact. These are the ultimate tool for self-defense, allowing you to maintain dexterity and manipulate other objects without putting down your weapon of choice.

Special sheaths integrate in to webbing and gear. Keep a low profile and stay safe no matter what you are doing.

Which knife should I choose for personal defense?

Many people try to carry a knife for personal defense purposes. Daggers are small and capable, working well in serious situations. Smaller tactical knives also work well in this situation.

Rangeview Sports carries products from Spyderco, SOG, and Zero Tolerance that work well for this purpose. They are easy to conceal, quick to reveal, and built to last. Their sleek look can scare a potential opponent before they ever act.

Do I need a license to own a knife in Canada?

Canadian law allows you to carry a knife. There are no classes or permits required. Your province or city may outlaw certain products, so you need to make sure that you are allowed to carry the products you purchase.

Canada outlaws a small set of knives. These include automatic knives known as switchblades, centrifugal knives, gravity, knives, and others that are inherently dangerous or commonly used to commit crimes.

Where can I purchase knives online in Canada?

Buying a knife online is legal. We carry a large selection of specialty knives. Obtain products for survival, utility, or personal defense. If you have any questions, our customer service experts are available to help you.

Get in touch with us today at +1 905-868-6666 or visit our website and browse through our large selection of products.