Kids Mini Rugby Classes, Camps & Groups In Hong Kong

Mini rugby, often known as “Kids Rugby” in Hong Kong, is a kind of rugby union intended to introduce youngsters to the sport. It comprises eight to 10 players per side and utilizes a smaller ball and surface than conventional rugby.

It is a really popular kid sporting club activity here in Hong Kong!

Mini rugby was invented in England in 1970 and quickly adopted by both the English Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the Welsh Rugby Union.

In the original game, there were five backs and four forwards. In the scrum, which consisted of a prop, a hooker, a lock, and a flanker, there were no line-outs or pushing. In the senior game, each position behind the scrum was represented by a scrum-half, an outside half, a center, a wing, and a fullback.

The International Rugby Board does not directly regulate extremely junior levels of rugby and instead delegates authority to local organizations. As a result, many nations have different junior versions of rugby that are intended to appeal to and be safe for younger children.

Ages under-13 through under-19 are frequently referred to as “youth rugby,” with the game just slightly different from the senior version. Some modifications may include the requirement that both feet be placed on the ground at all times, so no diving to score a try; the team must consist of no more than seven players but at least five; in senior rugby, there are fifteen players in one game; free passes are given if a player accidentally throws a ball forward; balls cannot be stripped from a player’s hands, and kicking is not permitted. The distinctions between the two forms of play appear to be distinct, yet all of the game’s rules serve the same purpose.

The rugby continuum rule modifications are intended to make the game safe and entertaining for the degree of physical and intellectual development expected in any particular age group.

Kids International Mini Rugby

Many rugby clubs compete in the same events and field the same squads year after year.

The International Mini Rugby Series allows families to combine their children’s athletic enthusiasm with a short family holiday in some of the most lovely and scenic areas in the United Kingdom.

While rugby is for youngsters in the U7-U15 age groups, the festivities are fun for the whole family!

The International Mini Rugby Series was the first tour-type tournament to feature U7s in the United Kingdom.

Regulations and Kids Rugby Format (Rules)

The age-appropriate structure guarantees that young players play the correct rugby at the right time. These formats are backed by the Age Grade game laws and have been established via scientific research and studies on athlete development in the sport.

The Rules of Play are designed to give a playing structure with building blocks to the 15-a-side game that enables players time to get to grips with the basics of running and collecting the ball before contact and specialization is progressively added – which improves player safety.

The Under 19 Law Variations continue at the scrum, and the introduction of the phased line out begins at Under 14. The regulations guarantee that each age group in clubs and schools has a uniform playing structure.

Regulation 15 of the game contains the Age Grade Rugby Regulations, which are backed by the Codes of Practice.

These regulations should be read in conjunction with Regulations 21 (Safeguarding) and 9. (Player Safety).

Regulation 15 covers everything needed to ensure that the game is played according to the rules in a safe and supportive atmosphere, and it should serve as the initial point of contact for the delivery of Age Grade Rugby.

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