San Diego Mma

San Diego Mma

San Diego MMA for Beginners

Interested in MMA? Maybe you want to fight professionally or want to empower your children, or perhaps you want to learn some basic self-defense techniques. Practical Karate is the perfect starting point for beginners who want to learn mixed martial arts. We empower both children and adults through karate and judo. 

We systematically teach martial arts skills and movements through repetitive drills and fun games. Our methodology builds competence and is enjoyable for all. By far, we teach the best MMA lessons in San Diego for kids, teens, and adults.

Our instructors work directly with each individual, as well as in groups, to improve your strengths and turn your weaknesses into strengths. The movements and skill sets we teach are easy and grow more difficult as our students progress. Our state-of-the-art facilities enhance our teaching abilities. We have a 2,000 square foot training room, a kid’s play area, large television monitors that display live video feeds, an art room, bathrooms with showers, changing rooms for men and women, and an eating and study area.

We are essentially San Diego’s MMA incubator. We will help you increase your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, and stamina, preparing you for more advanced training in the future. Additionally, our classes have an almost therapeutic value. They will help you and your children decrease aggression, anxiety, and stress.

Practical Karate is centered upon four core values. We focus on positive attitude, maximum effort, treating everybody (including self) with the utmost respect, and complete integrity in all dealings. At Practical Karate, MMA is our passion. We provide high-quality mixed martial arts training. Our goal is to prepare you for the next stage of your MMA development.

San Diego MMA Training Helps Troubled Youths
With corrupting forces coming from every direction in San Diego, our MMA programs can get your young ones out of the streets and into a positive environment that builds character. Indeed, participation in our programs helps youths learn self-defense, responsible strategies to stand up to bullying, self-awareness, respect for self and others, and self-control. Progression through our courses and a close bond with their instructors also helps provide trouble kids with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. If you’re having problems with your young ones, please consider our spring break karate camp. It will change your kids for the better.

Indeed, MMA is more than kicks, punches, and grapples. It’s a way of life. Sadly, because of irresponsible parents primarily, MMA training for kids gets a bad rap. Parents and other instructors have had their children taken away from them because their kids have gotten hurt in fights. Supposedly, the real fights were part of their MMA training. At Practical Karate, we provide San Diego kids with responsible MMA training. Our drills are safe and well-coordinated. We teach your kids how to defend themselves if the need to, but we don’t make them fight each other. We teach the kids to avoid fighting by all means, if possible.  Call us today to find out how our San Diego MMA classes can help you and your family.