More than just sport coaching


Our Athletics program teaches your child the technical athletic skills through an age appropriot curriculum that builds confidence & athletic disciplines. 

Sport4kids use the U.K. Curriculum Athletics 365 which is a multi-event, young people development program, which introduces athletes to the fundamental skills of athletics (vital to every sport). It is aimed predominantly at 8-15 year olds, however Sport4kids has adapted the resources for use with younger athletes.

Athletics 365 focuses not only on how fast someone runs or how far someone jumps or throws but also, more importantly, on developing the technical skills (‘how’ to run, jump and throw) required to perform at full potential and move like a champion. In addition to technical skills, Athletics 365 also looks at an athlete’s physical, mental and emotional development, as well as their lifestyle and social development.

The Athletics 365 program is broken down into nine progressive stages. Each stage provides athletes with new and progressively more difficult challenges appropriate to their stage of development. Athletics 365 encourages athletes to learn all the skills and events of athletics, and reinforces the importance of a good all round skill base.

The stages can be seen as similar to progression in other sports, such as the martial arts ‘belt system.’ Through this tried and tested Athletics 365 curriculum, Sport4kids believes young people will develop the skills and confidence to excel in life; not only in athletics, but in other sports and other life pursuits.

Classes range of ages and competency levels

We offer classes for ages 5-6, 7-10, 11-14 and 15-18 and there is a clear progression for each level. It is possible for a younger student who is more capable to go into an older group, and likewise an older child to go into a younger group. 
(physical strength and appearance allowing)

Our early year’s program (ages 5 to 6)

In this stage the children will learn the FUNdamental movements that underpin the athletic disciplines, such as running, jumping and throwing by developing their balance and co-ordination. They will develop their knowledge of the different events, and use games to develop these core movement skills. They will be allowed to develop through games that emphasise these skills.

Our middle year’s program (ages 7 to 10)

At this stage they will begin developing alongside the Athletics 365 matrix. They will begin to develop the correct techniques for each of the disciplines and will be able to enjoy learning and trying each event. The athletes co-ordination and balance will have been developed to a sufficient standard. This will allow them to perform key techniques and begin to understand how each event requires different movements and skills.

Our older year’s program ( ages 11 to 14)

The athletes will now be able to adequately perform the basic techniques of all disciplines and can progress through the 365 skill set. At this stage they will be able to start developing more advanced techniques by adding in extra movements to make the event more successful or by developing existing movements and positions into techniques that look more competition specific and begin to understand the power transfer that happens in these events.

During this stage the athlete can begin to focus on a specific event group in order to advance their ability in that area through specific muscle movements and contractions that will be developed through the more focused approach. They will undertake various aspects of other event groups through mixed training methods in order to aid physical development. The athlete will begin to take a more centred approach and understand why they are performing each movement and how it is beneficial in their training. Each phase of the event will be broken down with the athlete understanding what is required to perform the skill.

Our senior years program, (ages 15 to 18)

At this stage the athlete can choose to focus on a specific event and emphasise that training. They will also continue to undertake mixed training methods at various periods of their training to create a fully rounded athlete. An individual focus becomes a key method at this stage of the training and will be aided by technical analysis. The athlete will know all the techniques at this stage, but with self-analysis and coach direction will be nurtured to allow full potential. Repetition to develop muscle fibres becomes key for competitive action.

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