More than just sport coaching


Gym4Kids is an exciting programme that introduces children to basic gymnastic exercises, routines and apparatus whilst developing them to become competent, confident gymnasts.  We have developed a progressive skill level curriculum for children up to 12 years old.

Our Gym4kids syllabus has been created around the curriculum from British Gymnastics, the UK’s National Governing Body for Gymnastics. It is their mandate to develop young gymnasts and support those with the ability to compete at a high level.  Our gymnastics classes are executed within the usual Sport4Kids environment of fun, passion and encouragement, coupled with great attention to technique and performance quality. 

Gym4Kids Head Teacher, Theo Seager, was a key member of the Great Britain gymnastics team for over 8 years, having competed all over the world and won various championships, including Gold Medals for Vault and Rings at the British Gymnastics Championships 2013.

Upon completion of the programme we expect each child to perform their routines with a great deal of confidence and joy. Each term ends with a gymnastics performance and their level assessment.

Theo Seagar at 42nd Artistic Gymnastics World Championships


Introducing children from 18 months to 3 years old to the basic gymnastic exercises, routines and apparatus whilst developing them to become competent, confident gymnasts. The programme focuses on the performance of various exercises, all of which require physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and balance.

Gym4kids Beginners

Children can now participate in this class by themselves. In this programme there is more opportunity for the children to develop their gymnastic skills, (ie. cartwheels, handstands and a range of rolls). These exercises require the lifting, control and support of the child’s own body weight. Strength and flexibility training is a major focus, as well as eye-hand and eye-foot coordination in an atmosphere of fun and supportiveness.

Gym4kids Intermediate

At these ages we build on the skills and fundamentals that children have gained with a stronger focus on form and technique. We then start to introduce a higher skill set in a fun and safe environment. The children learn how to have a greater command of the beams, vaults and floor routines. Strength and flexibility increases greatly within this age group, which helps them develop physically as they mature.

Gym4kids Advanced

At this age group, the children should have a good core skill set and their coordination is usually well developed. We focus on teamwork, specific skill development, speed and agility movements and plyometrics (“jump training”).  Children will learn how to compete within a team and against other teams. They will also learn how to win and lose, which is very important. The main focus of our small-sided games is to encourage participation for every child to ensure that all kids are developing at the same speed.