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Foundation Training – Sport4kids offers a program specially developed for young learners, aged 7 and above. Through this kung fu program, they will prepare their mind and body for any martial art or sport that they may later choose to focus on.
They will learn kung fu basics, fall breaking techniques, and work on their flexibility, speed, and coordination.
Kung Fu Elites Training – Sport4kids is capable to provide a tailored program to focus on the holistic aspects of kung fu as well as competition. In this program, students learn the techniques, self-defense, and forms, and make their body and mind strong and healthy. 
Hung Kuen is a style of kung fu coming from Southern China. It is sometimes nicknamed as a Tiger and Crane style because these two animals are the most typical ones. They also represent two sides of balance: hard and soft, fearless and wise. 

are other animal in the style, together 5 of them:
Tiger, crane, snake, panther
and dragon

There are also 5 elements:
Wood, fire, earth, water
and metal   

Kung Fu - (7-14yrs) Friday 5:30PM - 6:30PM - Lamma, Love's Dance Studio, Lamma Dance Studio                                                                                         
Kung Fu (15yrs and up) Friday6:30PM - 7:30PM -  Lamma, Love's Dance Studio, Lamma Dance Studio                                                                                 

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