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Inspired and created from our belief that young children learning sport is key
to a childs early development, our multi-sport program is tailored for 2-6 year olds.

So much more than just multi-sport classes, our S4K toddlers and young children
really do develop and grow from these tailored programs…the health benefits are palpable in their everyday lives.

Our multi-sport program, a fundamental sports skills program for young children, was designed by sport science experts, who have identified the benefits of your child developing a wide variety of sports skills from a young age. This program affords toddlers and young children the opportunity to learn key fundamental sports skills, develop their coordination and motor skills while playing different, age-appropriate activities. All our sports equipment is designed specifically for each different age group, to ensure maximum benefit from our classes.

In our Multi-sports program, your child will experience soccer, basketball, rugby, Athletics and baseball. We rotate the sports every 2 weeks. 

At Sport4kids we believe that a child's first sporting experience is very important. Our programs will help your child build a positive relationship with being active and leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Studies prove that active children are more likely to be active, healthy adults!

2-3 year old S4K Multi-sport Program

This is a class where parent/guardian involvement is required. Children will learn the basic fundamentals of sports; throwing, catching, bouncing and kicking.  They will discover how the body moves; learning to run forwards, backwards and sideways.

3-5 year old S4K Multi-sport Program

At this age children are ready to focus on more advanced skill development, such as throwing and catching with one hand, different throwing styles, kicking from the hand, bouncing, dribbling etc
We also spend time on more advanced co-ordination exercises, such as learning to tip-toe, run sideways, backwards and jump on one foot.

5+ year old S4K Multi-sport Program

The focus for this age group is still to develop individual skills but also to get children working in small groups and learning how to work in a team.

Multi-Sports @ Galilee International School

In partnership with parents, GIS empowers students to become knowledgeable, independent, critical thinkers who are compassionate with positive moral values and well-prepared to embrace the global challenges of tomorrow.


Multi-Sports @ Dalton School Hong Kong

In partnership with Dalton School HK, Sport4Kids provide school sports classes for students of the school during the week and members of the public on Saturdays.