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Learning Soccer from a young age is a great way for children to develop
quick, sharp reflexes and coordination along with social skills from working as part of a team.
Along with these, there are so many other great health benefits:

Soccer is one of our most popular programs in Hong Kong. It’s designed for boys and girls aged 4 - 12 years old. Our focus is on skill development, strategy, coordination, motor skills and learning to work within a team.

Practice is key if you want your kid to become the next soccer superstar. We offer a progressive program to learn from a young age.

Our Multi-sport classes includes soccer as one of its core sports to develop fundamental sport skills and social life skills. S4K program tailored for 2-6 years old.

2-3 years S4K Multi-sport Class - Soccer

Developed over many years, our fun multi-sport program gives toddlers and young children the opportunity to learn a variety of key skills while playing Soccer, Basketball, Mini-rugby and racket sports to develop their co-ordination and gross motor skills.  We believe children at 2-5 years old should actually learn to play multiple sports because they develop a variety of key skills which will really benefit them when they specialise in specific sports.

3-5 years S4K Multi-sport Class - Soccer

Children can now participate in the class by themselves. At this age children are ready to focus on more advanced skill development, such as passing the ball, developing control of the ball with both feet and pass ball with different parts of their foot etc.  This is part of our multi-sport classes where we coach Soccer, Basketball, rugby and racket sports.  During these classes they spend time on more advanced coordination exercises, such as learning to tip-toe, run sideways, backwards and jump on one foot. Our classes still have a major emphasis on learning in a fun and friendly environment.

4-6 years – S4K Soccer

S4K Soccer academy is specifically aimed at developing soccer skills as well as a passion for the beautiful game.

6-8 years – S4K Soccer

S4K Soccer academy is specifically aimed at developing soccer skills as well as a passion for the beautiful game.

S4K ECA School Lessons

Sport4kids provide a tailored Soccer extra-curricular education program for multiple schools across Singapore.