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Learning Soccer from a young age is a great way for children to develop
quick, sharp reflexes and coordination along with social skills from working as part of a team.
Along with these, there are so many other great health benefits:

Soccer is one of our most popular programs in Hong Kong. It’s designed for boys and girls aged 4 - 15 years old. Our focus is on skill development, strategy, coordination, motor skills and learning to work within a team.

Practice is key if you want your child to develop their football ability. We offer a progressive program to learn from a young age.

Academy Soccer - Juniors

Asia Sport Academy (ASA) Soccer is a soccer programme developed by Sport4Kids. Our Juniors section is for ages 5-12 years and specifically aimed at developing soccer skills as well as a passion for the beautiful game. Our programme incorporates learning basic technical skills and rules of soccer through fun drills, ball mastery and small sided games, as well as building on physical skills such as speed, agility, balance, coordination and strength. Click on 'Read More' to see the where venues we currently run classes.

Academy Soccer - Seniors

Asia Sport Academy (ASA) Soccer is a soccer programme developed by Sport4Kids. Our Seniors section is for ages 11-16 years and aimed at refining soccer skills. Our programme incorporates more advanced technical skills, as well developing a deeper understanding of the tactical side of the game. Physical attributes are also improved and adapted to create a playing identity as an individual and a team. Click on 'Read More' to see the where venues we currently run classes.

Girls Only Soccer

Whilst all of our classes are technically ‘mixed’ we understand that sometimes the best learning environment for our female players are in Girls Only classes. Still with a heavy emphasis on fun, our Girls Only classes teach girls the basic technical elements of football, including passing, shooting and dribbling, along with progressions as they develop. We also ensure a focus on the physical and social aspects of the game, including speed & strength and teamwork.

Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer is aimed at children ages 2 - 4 years. During the earlier part of this programme, children will spend time working on simple gross motor skills including walking, running, balance and basic hand-eye & hand-foot coordination. As they progress, they spend time on more advanced coordination exercises.
Once they are ready, they then begin to focus on more advanced skill development, such as kicking & passing the ball, developing control of the ball with both feet and using different parts of their foot. Our classes have a major emphasis on learning in a fun and friendly environment.

Freestyle Football

Freestyle football is an exciting sport designed to showcase amazing skills. With monthly workshops from World Champion and Brazilian Champion, Pedrinho, your skills are certain to improve with some mindblowing tricks and tips. 

Soccer @ Dalton School HK

In partnership with Dalton School HK, Sport4Kids provide school sports classes for students of the school during the week, and members of the public on Saturdays.


Throughout each term, matches and tournaments are arranged to allow players to play in a more competitive environment. Typically taking place on weekends, the tournaments and matches which ASA Wolves enter give the players the chance to improve and hone their skills, and get to put into practice the things they learn on a weekly basis in the class.