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Our Volleyball program teaches your child volleyball techniques to participate in team games through a structured, age apropriot & skill based learning environment.

Sport4kids offer volleyball classes across a wide range of ages and competency levels

We offer classes for ages 5-6, 7-10, 11-14 and 15-18 and there is a clear progression for each level. It is possible for a younger student who is more capable to go into an older group, and likewise an older child to go into a younger group (physical strength and appearance allowing).

Our middle year’s program (ages 7 to 10)
  • At this age children have often developed the strength to learn volleyball techniques to participate in drills and small sided adapted games.
  • We will start to introduce positions on the court and examine what each person’s role is while they are on the court, as well as how as an individual, they can best suit the positions that are on the court.
  • The 4 basic skills will be developed which are the dig, volley, the block and the spike. Different methods will be used to teach these including putting objects under arms to get the best possible movement. A small amount of resistance will be applied as students are getting better and stronger.
  • Children will learn to predict the flight of the ball so that they can move their body in the correct direction and get a good body position before they play the ball.
  • Children will also learn how to perform the basic serves, beginning with the underarm sever and progressing onto the over arm serve.
  • They will play small sided games at 3 or 4 aside over badminton nets. This allows the student a greater opportunity to touch the ball.

Our older year’s program (ages 11-14)
  • Children will progress to the 6 aside game.
  • They will learn the different positions on the court and learn about rotating after the serve into their set position, for example the setter always has to move to position 2.
  • They will learn different systems of play with a 2 setter system progressing into a 1 setter system to give the team an extra player to attack with. The Libero player will be introduced as the specialist back court player.
  • The standard attacks will be developed and combination attacks to try and confuse the opposition will be introduced.
  • The team will start working on defence. The first part of defence is the block. Arm position and footwork will be the main focus at this age.
  • Basic skills learnt at the previous ages will be developed and trained at speed in games situations.

Our senior years program, (ages 15 to 18)
  • Players will be used to playing in a 1 setter system and will start to find their specific position within the team allowing players to then practice more specifically in their own position.
  • Attacking becomes more complex with a real focus on speed. To create speed the serve return has to be perfect with the set low to the attacker to spike the ball quickly. High repetitions of attacks are needed for the team to work around this.
  • Defensive positioning becomes highly important. The block has to either take line or cross court and the back court players can then position themselves around the block.
  • At this age strength and speed play a vital role in performance. We will develop strength through plyometric training at the start of each training session.
  • As the players start competing at this level, they have to be mentally strong to handle different situations throughout the game. Coaches will teach mental strategies for competitive edge.
  • Serves will progress to being more accurate to pin point weaknesses in other teams. Players will be taught to jump serve and progress onto accuracy in this serve.

Our coaches follow a comprehensive volleyball curriculum which teaches the different aims and objectives for each level whilst making it fun and engaging.

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